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Our Board - Safeguarding Investor Interests

Our Board - Safeguarding Investor Interests

A board of directors (BofD) is the governing body of a company, whose members are elected by shareholders (in the case of companies listed on PitchInvestors) to set strategy, oversee management, and protect the interests of shareholders and stakeholders. At PitchInvestors, we recognize the pivotal role our Board of Directors plays in steering the company towards sustainable growth while safeguarding the interests of our investors. Our board's primary responsibility is to provide strategic guidance for the company and ensure that we adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance.

Role of the Board:

Strategic Oversight:

The board sets the company's strategic direction and monitors its implementation, ensuring alignment with investor interests.

Risk Management

Board members identify, assess, and manage potential risks that could impact the company and its stakeholders.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements to protect the company and its investors from legal repercussions.

Financial Oversight

Supervising the company’s financial health, including approving budgets and financial statements, to ensure transparency and reliability.

Investor Relations

Communicating effectively with shareholders and ensuring their views are considered in decision-making.

Board Composition:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Majority External Members:
To ensure unbiased oversight, the majority of our board members are external, independent professionals who bring diverse perspectives and expertise and not employees of the company.
Mandatory Pitch Investor Advisor
At least one board member must be a Pitch Investor Advisor, bringing in-depth knowledge of investment trends and investor expectations.
Diversity and Inclusion
Our board represents a diverse mix of skills, experiences, and backgrounds, fostering a holistic approach to governance.